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What/Who Is K9R Fit Camp?


For over a decade I have helped people discover enjoyable and productive ways to build and all-round, stronger body that not only looks good but is also (most importantly) useful

I come from a track and field background and was a semi-pro 100m-200m athlete until my early 20s. Now my personal interest is in two sports: Strongman and Muay Thai because that's what I now currently enjoy. Remember the aim is not to have working out feel like a choir, but to keep it fun, productive and challenging which is what I implement with my clients. Having said that, a few of them have also chosen to compete in those two sports as a means for their own personal milestone because they enjoy it so much and I have supported them by competing too. Click here for examples of this

K9R Fit Camp provides personal training, group classes and fitness apparel.

I am based at:


I offer my services between:

Sunday - Friday.


From Strongman to Combat Fitness,

Strength to Endurance

Mobility to Smart Nutrition.

An approach effective for YOU.


To do this, I get you to work on three different principles:

Kyran Julius


Progressive program

From building strength to changing your body composition or even learning a new skill like muay thai. Whatever your fitness goal is, its important to have a plan/program that promotes progression.


Whether you wish to burn fat, maintain your weight or build muscle, your daily diet needs to be constructive to how you want your body to look and perform.



This is not just limited to sleep, although as you can see in the photo I wasn't getting enough in my younger days as a trainer. Rest also includes your mind, giving yourself time away from work, time for yourself. To do things that can promote rest and recovery from stress to your body.

I exclude the standard of what society says your body must be. Society puts your body in a box which they say you should conform to, or look like.


But when you recognise that your body is unique from anyone else, in every way, you will realise:


There Is No Perfect Body;

Just A Better You!

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k9r fit camp

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