Meet the team

Getting that "perfect body" is usually a never ending chase for most people.

And I get it, its so easy to compare yourself to others. I've been there. I've been involved in fitness since I was 9 years old. From track and field to strength and strongman. I've been lean, strong and fast, to depressed, skinny fat and weak. From eating what my coach tells me, to giving up and eating whatever I want. Taking so much time trying out different diets and plans to figure out how I can get THAT BODY.

One thing I have figured out though, is that the world buys visibility, but invests and grows in performance; meaning, you could look like the strongest man or the most attractive woman, However if your mind is shallow, your character is dull, your heart is cold and your body is weak, everything else means nothing except a clone to society's fashion.

You are not a clone, except a single and ONLY creation of YOU

So I hold a reputation of pushing  our members, challenging their weakness's,  and destroying their limits.  By this, you will create and discover a different level of Lion within you; physically, mentally and emotionally'

OWNER & HEAD COACH: Kyran Mitchell-Nanton


Financial adviser:


Hannah is our financial adviser and organises the #OutForGains night we hold for our members
She makes sure that we are investing our time and money wisely so that we can ensure our members get premium service and the best opportunity to make solid consistent gains. She also finds cool, fun activities such as rock climbing or crazy golf that our members can enjoy together at the end of the month which is part of our #OutForGains retention nights
Hannah has also been training with our head coach Kyran around 3 years. From holding little to no experience of fitness training, to now competing in STRONGWOMAN events and educating herself on how the body works to help better herself each day. She's an inspiration to not only our women at camp but also our men and juniors because she is not just strong for a woman....she is strong period




Mark deals with all our media content, mainly for YouTube and Instagram
Most of our vlogs, pictures and videos on YouTube and Instagram have Mark behind camera or overseeing it; so we can thank him for all of those sharp angle skills he has
Don't sleep on mark though. By day, mark is strong with the camera and by night he is becoming a Jedi Master of Gains with bodyweight and calisthenic movements/flow. Literally by night....the man trains at nocturnal hours😂. He usually posts a few videos of him trying some new cool moves on his Instagram which we also repost, so check him out and let it inspire you to move!😎