Freuently Asked Questions

1. Can I try a session first before I join?

Sure, click here to book or contact us if you have some questions. 


2. How old do I have to be?

To join our camp, you must be aged 16+. We also hold JR Fit Camp Sessions on Sundays at

1o am and Fridays at 4.30pm for ages 10-15. If you are under 18 however, you will need parental/guardian consent before joining.


3. Can I attend more than one training session per day?

You can train as much as you feel able, you strong warrior, you! HERCULES HERCULES! *Nutty Professor Mum Voice*


4. Can I do personal training and fit camp?

Wow, you’re seriously on it! Yes you can. Click here to see out rates, then contact us for more info, and we will set you up!

5. You have a maximum of 5-10 per class. Does this effect how many members you can have overall? Or are you limitless?

Good question. To avoid the possibility of members not being able to book classes due to overcrowding at K9R Fit Camp , we do currently have a maximum of 45 members overall at any given time. 


6. I just want to tone, will I get big and bulky if I do weight lifting in your class? I think I need to do low weights and high reps

This word ‘tone’ and this myth ‘low weight high reps for toning’ needs to be banned!

You will not get big and bulky unless you eat more calories. You will not lose fat or weight unless you consume less calories. You can still train heavy and lose fat and stay lean. Light weights with loads of reps can just cause a “muscle pump”. Progressive weight training helps build strength period. This helps develop the growth of lean muscle thus building a stronger, better looking you. So forget the myths right now, eradicate fear, and embrace the challenge!

7. What are the rules on lateness?

If you are any more than 5 mins late to a class, you will not be allowed in and there will be no refund. Warm up is very important to our workouts, and if you miss that it highly increases chance of injury which we don't want. Also when you are late, it can disrupt the flow of the session especially if we are going through a new movement that day. Best thing to do is to make sure you arrive 10-15 mins before session starts so you can do all that you need to do, i.e get changed from work clothes, ask any questions to the coach etc. As the saying goes "If your early, your on time. If your on time, your late. If your late....well boy! You best go home." If you think you are going to be late, then its best for you to cancel/reschedule a class, but you must give us at least 4 hours notice to avoid losing your session and so we can give your space to someone else who may be waiting. 

If you do so happen to be in the 5 minute grace time, expect a forefit for lateness. You are not getting off that easy!

8. What if I am injured or a beginner?

No problem at all. Just inform the coach BEFORE the session starts if you have any concerns so we can advise you the best way we can. We give alternative exercises and moves for all different levels and abilities. However if you do not inform us, we cannot guarantee we can help you in session. 

Got a question not listed?

Email us here:

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