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Freuently Asked Questions

1. Can I try a session first before I sign up?

Absolutely, contact me  to book or if you have some questions. 


2. How old do I have to be?

I coach from ages 10+. However if you wish for me to train you at any of the centres I am based at, then you need to be 18+ due to their own insurance policy. If you are under the age of 18, then sessions will be outdoors, online, or at your home. I will also need a parental or guardian signature of approval.

 3. I just want to tone, will I get big and bulky if I do heavy weight lifting with you? I think I need to do low weights and high reps

This word ‘tone’ and this myth ‘low weight high reps for toning’ needs to be banned!

You will not get big and bulky unless you eat more calories. You will not lose fat or weight unless you consume less calories. Doing progressive resistance training is crucial for the body because it helps build strength which helps develop the growth of lean muscle thus building a stronger, better looking you. So forget the myths right now, eradicate fear, and embrace the challenge!

5. What if I am injured or a beginner?

No problem at all. We will have a sit down and talk about your goal, injuries, likes and dislikes before we start anyway. I give alternative exercises and moves for all different levels and abilities. So please be open and honest with me, as this helps me to help you

6. Will you be doing any group sessions again? I miss Fit Camp!

Ahh, I miss it too. However due to the current pandemic, I will not be doing group classes for a while. Keep your eyes open though, as I will notify when I do eventually start it again!

Got a question not listed?

Email me here:

or give me a call: 07940013325

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